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Yes, CBD is a product from the cannabis plant, but gone are the stereotypical images of lazy stoners, with their minds lost in a haze of pungent marijuana smoke.Athlete Perspectives on CBD – Sugar & Kush has taken off in the world of professional golf in particular, with several high-profile athletes embracing the compound.

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(SP) – According to multiple reports, the NCAA is weighing handing the “death penalty” to the NCAA over reports the organization ignored or mishandled multiple allegations of abuse at Michigan State over the past several years. Cannabidiol, or CBD, products are now included in the Prescribers' Digital Reference -- formerly known as the Physicians' Desk Reference -- for the first time ever. 500mg, 1000mg, or 2000mg CBD 2 oz. (59ml) Our Herbal CBD Muscle Relief Lotion contains powerful herbs that help calm and soothe sore muscles, the mineral MSM that targets connective tissue and joints, and oils that enhance deep penetration… What are the benefits of CBD oil for athletes? Learn how athletes can use CBD topicals for injuries, muscle soreness, and more in this ultimate guide.

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Elite athletes training for hours each day are used to two things—the discomfort of inflammation and the various remedies they use to silence the pain. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a set of chemical compounds that has a massive amount of benefits for health, without affecting the mental health or any of the cognitive processes.